O.R.A. the Time of Revolt

rebels with a cause

We are here, it is happening right now. This blog intends to inform you about revolts happening all over Europe: From Iceland to Georgia and from Sweden to Greece, there are conscious people who are politically aware and they fight every moment to change the world. We are fighting for a world with no governments, with no police repression, with no borders, with no capital, with no social control and without the few richest people to decide our fate. The world is ours.

In this space-time we think, we wonder, we fight and we revolt. We unite our power against state terrorism, police violence, economical crisis and the exploitation of working class. We are willing to support each and every revolt that occurs and will occur in Europe. Solidarity is the weapon of the people… It is our weapon. So let’s turn it against all those who don’t want us to think and be active. Utopia is to believe that things will never change. We can raise our voice. Let’s make our voice to be heard, because the use of brutal violence by the state against those who resist is not a limited or single phenomenon, but a worldwide suffocating reality. Oppression has no borders but neither has the struggle for freedom. We are here today and from now on, to inform about the movements and revolts, to share ideas and to act. Was the Greek Revolt only the begging? So be it.

We don’t forget and we don’t forgive. We never did anyway. Opposition to state’s terrorism, Revolt against police repression because Anarchy is more than an idea. O.R.A is the time to act; the time of revolt. Let them realise that we are fearless.