17 November: never forgave – never forgot

photo: blackblogger_K O.R.A.


17 November 2011 – Diadromi Eleutherias’ (issue 110)

Let the human spirit be prepared so that the upcoming uprisings will be aggregated without being part of the authoritarians’ plans; the experiences will enrich thoughts and actions with the spirit of freedom and altruism; the anarchist groups will be pastes for the future communities without authority, where the brutality of the this century will be replaced by the essence and beauty of Anarchy, the great change of humanity.

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October 20 photo update from the second day of the General Strike in Athens

Massive was also today the presence of protesters in central Athens. Eventually KKE (Communist Party of Greece) managed to guard the Parliament while MPs voted, stealing our lives and leading people to an even greater misery. Thus with its well know for years tactic (out and away from every fighting movement) sacrificed the latest struggles of the thousands of people, giving a gift to political and economical authorities. At the same time when their colleagues of riot police kill people by spraying them like flies, the protective guarding of PAME taking its repressive institutional role, smashed the heads of dozens of protesters in an attempt to prevent them from approaching and gathering near the Parliament. Therefore they facilitated the clowns inside Parliament (they belong to the same circus anyway) to vote all together our pillaging, mortgaging our  future and the future of our children.
source: indymedia athens
photo source: babylonmedia
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October 20 updates from the second day of the nationwide General Strike in Greece

Today, MPs will take a final vote in favour or against this bill which aims at the further deterioration of the lives of millions. The armed pigs of the democratic dictatorship, the collaborationist unionists, the corporate media and all types of fascists have been trying to suppress by any means the overflow of rage and an upcoming social revolt. It remains to be seen if people will manage to overcome fear and corporate propaganda, raising barricades of resistance and taking down the apparatus of the State and the Capital. source: contra-info

Athens: KNE (youths Communist Party of Greece) and Stalinists of PAME formed a line/chain in front of the police iron walls and squads; outside the parliament; blocking the way to protesters; even asking for journalistic identities to let someone pass through them. Nevertheless, people keep gathering and they seem to be quite determined to stay in the streets, at least till MPs take their vote.









photos: indymedia athens

as KKE and PAME kept the line of the human-chains, protesters tried to reach the Parliament; KKE and PAME wearing helmets and holding stingers and stakes brutally attacked the protesters who responded immediately with stones, bottles and cocktails; vague endured clashes took place among hundreds of protesters along with the anarchists block and KKE/PAME militants who clearly were there instead of police forces; (scenes that remind us what happened in 17/11/98); as a result the square has been emptied and taken by the police; KKE/PAME give in protesters to cops, as outcome of their perfect collaboration; lots of injured people were hospitalised, one seriously; scattered clashes continued in the streets around the square, while the MPs were voting inside the Parliament; however, protesters willing to reoccupy the square outside the Parliament but riot police/KKE/PAME forces were blocking the way; yet the square was reoccupied by Stalinists of PAME as the police pulled back; eventually the square was full again with PAME on the upper side wishlist on the lower there are the rest of demonstrators as unions, ultra-left and anti-authoritarians; the two parts are separated by riot police that occasionally throw tear gases to the protesters; while KKE/PAME pulled off the upper side of the square, on the lower side there was an extensive use of tear gases; once again as result cops have taken over the guarding of the Parliament as MPs’ were voting for the new finance multi-bill that will be announced later; yet people gathered on the upper part while on the lower scattered continuing clashes were taking place between protesters and police that was blocking the rest of people trying to get on the upper side.

It must be clear that PAME and KNE are not communists. They are Stalinist snitches and ruffians who work for the regime. Today, they have handed more demonstrators to the police-as they have done in numerous cases in the past, i.e. back in 1998.  source: contra-info









53-year old demonstrator D. Kotsaridis dies from police chemical warfare

The 53-year old demonstrator was a member of the stalinist union, PAME. His name was Dimitris Kotsaridis. It is officially confirmed by the hospital’s report that the 53-year old carried no head injuries as originally reported, and that he has died from inhaling an excessive amount of tear-gas shot by the police. source: indymedia athens

Thessaloniki: the demo reached the former ministry but once again Stalinists of PAME have blocked the way forming chains with their bodies; letting no one to pass.

Ioannina: more than 3.000 people participated in the demo; about 600 from ESE (Steering Liberterian Union) and Occupations’ Coordinative; some reported that KNE (youths Communist Party of Greece) and Stalinists of PAME have attacked the protesters and blocked their way; but despite their efforts, people understood what was their goal and what really represented.

Iraklio, Creta: an action/blockage of a local fast-food branch took place; people refused to leave after police had arrived.

Mutilini/Lesvos island: the rally calling for the second day strike completed with success; approximately 400 people attended.

Kefalonia island: today is the celebration day of a local saint of the island; therefore a small gathering took place outside the Labour Centre where text was distributed.

Kozani: many people gathered in the central square and a text was distributed by comrades.

Rethumno, Creta: while the demo was occurring; members of KKE (Communist Party of Greece) started to read via the loudspeakers texts against anyone who does not belong to their Party.

Patra: This morning about 50 comrades looted large quantities of food from large supermarkets; then they gave it away to the public markets, few meters away, along with dozens of handouts and leaflets; a demo followed in which Popular Assemblies, unions, ultra-left, students and anarchists participated; despite the attacks to banks and cameras, the cops did not react but followed closely approaching the demo from three different sides; following the assembly at the Labour Centre, there is a call on another demo from leftish groups and associations.

Volos: after today’s demo, interventions in three supermarkets took place, looting and then distributing the goods to people.

Lamia: the number of people exceeded 40; beyond all our expectations; many slogans and great vibe; flyers thrown in all main streets of the city also paint thrown in bank buildings and few slogans were written.

Larissa: today’s demo had nothing to do with the one of yesterday; about 100 people all together, indignados,  anarchists, anti-authoritarians and autonomous; during the rally cops and undercovers followed really closely being very provocative; as a result people couldn’t to a lot under this terror regime, but constantly insulted them.

Xanthi: today’s demo was even higher than expected; over 1.000 people in the streets.

Komotini: ”utopia ad” did an event where a text was distributed as well as some banners dropped calling on continuing general strike; during the morning only PAME members gathered; later there was a call on demo from the workers; nti-authoritarians, anarchists and autonomous had their own block; there was a good vibe and many slogans associated to the strike; when the rally passed by the offices of the Communist Party slogans were heard by anarchists and anti-authoritarians such as “KKE is your Party snitches”

Kavala: two blocks demonstrated today; one really powerful of anarchists, anti-authoritarians and ADP around 80-90 people and the one of SYRIZA and indignados around 150 people.


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Videos from Athens on October 19 General Strike

find the link to videos here

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Solidarity text to the Greek General Strike by REinFORM


The past two years the Greek population is witnessing the harshest austerity measures since the introduction of the Euro. Greece became the ‘black sheep’-member of the European Union and had to be punished hard. In 2010 the first austerity package was imposed by the Greek government under the commands of the Troika (the IMF, the EU and the ECB). As a result, last month unemployment reached 18% and 40% among the youths. Numerous small and medium companies went bankrupt and a series of massive lay-offs were initiated both in the public and the private sector. Wages and pensions of civil servants were reduced up to 500 Euros. One year after the first austerity package, the forecasts of the IMF and the Greek government concerning the public deficit were proved completely wrong. Instead of the growth that they promised us for 2011, the economy is expected to contract with another 5.5%.

Last June hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the Syntagma Square and other squares around the country to demonstrate their opposition to the new bail-out that was imposed by the Troika and the Papandreou – government. The agreement was monstrous. According to the standard neo-liberal recipe, Greece not only had to completely liberalize its economy, to privatize all state-owned enterprises – in extremely low prices – and to abolish the majority of welfare benefits but also to lose its sovereignty which consists a major constitutional violation. The Greek workers have to accept wage cuts up to 40% and the rapid privatization of health, social security and education. Clearly, although the initial plan failed miserably, the recipe remained the same.

At that time the resistance of the people reached its peak. The so-called socialist Papandreou government responded with a massive wave of police suppression. For two days, the centre of Athens became a warzone. Several people were severely injured and hundreds of demonstrators were arrested. Terrorism is the only word that comes to our mind when we watch the pictures of those days.

Even though the Greek government and its European counterparts have tried everything, the people still resist. In the coming two days, a general strike has been called. The new plan of the government is to lay off 30.000 people from the public sector, to apply even more wage cuts and most importantly to abolish the collective wage agreements. In times were the minimum wage is Greece is 592 Euros and more than 600 billion have been transferred by rich Greeks to Swiss banks, the president of the socialist international, G. Papandreou wants to completely destroy the only legal way for working people to support their right to employment.

Because we believe that after the events of the 28th and 29th of June in Syntagma Square the Papandreou government has lost any legitimacy to rule and legislate.

Because we believe that the European Union has been converted to an oligarchic institution driven by the interests of the banks, the multinationals and some lobbyists.

Because every day we see our families and friends to be driven to poverty and to be forced to immigrate.

Because we would like ourselves to be able to return to our home-country whenever we want and live decently.

Because people all over the world have started to rise up.

We, some Greeks living in the Netherlands, would like to strongly express our solidarity to the people in Greece who will participate to the general strike of the coming two days and send a message to everyone, saying that we will do whatever is possible to reverse the situation in Greece and in Europe.


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October 19 photo update first day General Strike Athens

photos source: babylonmedia

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October 19 photo update from the first day of the General Strike in Athens







28 detentions;

5 arrests;

50 cops injured;

lots of protesters injured; some seriously

extensive use of chemicals by police forces


photos source: babylonmedia

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October 19 updates from the first day of the nationwide General Strike in Greece

Thessaloniki: following the demonstration in Saloniki, repression went out of control; apart from the brutal attacks all around Labour Centre, cops raided the building; so far, three detentions and one woman hospitalised; fire set to bins and rubbish, lots of stones thrown and lots of tear gases; the three persons are now released. Patras: three major demonstrations took place today in the city; perhaps the most massive demo in recent years involving approximately 20.000 people; for several hours the center of the city was paralyzed as it was literally occupied by the protesters, while the shops remained mostly closed. Orestiada: the biggest and largest, probably the only, strike demonstration ever happened. Corfu island: the biggest and largest, probably the only, strike demonstration ever happened; about 3.000 people on the streets.  Igoumenitsa: incredible success today’s demonstration. Sparta: An unprecedented participation of over 600 people in a nationwide strike against anti-people and anti-labour measures. Mutilini/Lesvos island: about 1.000 people, workers, students, anarchists, also random people demonstrated this morning; they occupied the old municipality; followed a general assembly. Kozani: one of the largest marches have taken place in generally and certainly a long-lasting two days strike ever;  texts have been disturbed and comrades drop few banners. Agrinio: all the shops and store were closed; a massive demo of about 3.000 people. Trikala: more than 400 people; the anarchist block (more than 30 people) shouting slogans against government, state, capital, bankers, capitalists and cops. Heraklio, Creta: One of the largest demonstrations in recent years in Heraklion; over 10.000 people. Women’s’ Prison of Korudallos: prisoners in the women’s prison of Korudallos refuse to enter their cells during the midday and evening hours. Levadia: great demonstration, more than 2.000 people, passed and closed stores of major chains; unprecedented in size and very strong pulse and a militant mood. Chios island: occupation of Business Administration, Engineering Economics and Management Schools; about 5.000 people in demo. Ioannina: more than 10.000 people demonstrated; 5.000 – 6.000 from Labour Centre. Preveza: more than 2.000 people demonstrated, no incidents. Skopelos island: big meeting of protestants in the coastal side. Ptolemaida: about 1.000 people gathered. Nafplio: The greatest demo in town for decades. Kalamata: more people than ever in demo today. Larissa: thousands of people demonstrated; around 12.000 on the streets. Xanthi: massive demonstration took place today. Serres: massive participation on strike; about 1.300 people demonstrated; at some point when a shopkeeper was asked to close his fast-food store, he started verbally to attack the protesters and then he throw vitriol (!) to people; few young people were burnt; finally the cops arrested him. Sitia, Creta: with great success took place the massive demonstration; 300 protesters (proportionally, large number). Chania, Creta: biggest demo ever; about 5.000 people on the streets. Komotini: the three main demonstrations gathered all together; about 300 people participated. Rethumno, Creta: perhaps the greatest demo ever occurred; more than 2.000 people. Naxos island: a rare day where the island experienced a commercial death, yet at the same time a struggling birth; 99% of shops and stores were closed; and the participation in the demo was really good. Volos: the three main demonstrations reached 12.000 people, a large number for the city. Lamia: a massive and dynamic demo took place to mark the 48h strike; anarchist/anti-authoritarian block participated with more than 30 people; slogans were written and colour paints were thrown at banks. Amfissa: since early in the morning employee’s participation in the strike was huge, even overwhelming; while schools, shops and banks were closed. Rodos island: maybe the greatest demo on the islands’ history; people exceeded 1.300; followed a general assembly with not so many people at the end, but with a combatant mood. Alexandroupoli: it was one of the largest demo ever in the city; about 2.000 people; most of the shops were closed except for some cafes and branches of large chains. Kavala: 5.000 people participated in the largest demo of the last decades.

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this strike is just an excuse

text distributed by Residents’ Assembly VKP, in Athens, Greece



A child passed out at school from starvation while many others are excluded from education. A man committed suicide. Thousands suffer from depression. The racist attacks against immigrants and refugees are increasing whilst entire social groups are thrown by the wayside. New taxes and hikes are announced continuously. Each square now hosts its homeless; each house, its unemployed. Images are now in front of us in every step we take. The events are no longer taking place outside our door, but inside. And the next saviour is just around the corner to fill the “empty space” left by the previous one. Let’s not fear the emptiness. Let’s not wait for any saviour to give us the solution. The war has been declared. Now we must put ourselves disenchanted into battle. The time of wretchedness is near. Shall we wait or shall we rise? We broaden the paths of our struggle, by spreading it in our neighbourhoods. The solution lies in our hands and in our neighbour’s hands. We have the power. We have time! To take our lives, struggles and strikes in our hands. Insurrection now!

Residents’ assembly VKP


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..slide show of posters from all over Greece calling on General Strike on 19-20/10

watch slide show here

the display window of capitalism has cracked… let’s smash it!
the only way out of the quagmire that we have been thrown
is the complete destruction of capitalism
we get in our hands our lives, struggles and strikes
every day that passes is another scene of the war by state and capital, against society.
everyone out on the streets!
to crush the dictatorship of the bosses

download slide show file: 19-20/10 General Strike in Greece

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