October 20 photo update from the second day of the General Strike in Athens

Massive was also today the presence of protesters in central Athens. Eventually KKE (Communist Party of Greece) managed to guard the Parliament while MPs voted, stealing our lives and leading people to an even greater misery. Thus with its well know for years tactic (out and away from every fighting movement) sacrificed the latest struggles of the thousands of people, giving a gift to political and economical authorities. At the same time when their colleagues of riot police kill people by spraying them like flies, the protective guarding of PAME taking its repressive institutional role, smashed the heads of dozens of protesters in an attempt to prevent them from approaching and gathering near the Parliament. Therefore they facilitated the clowns inside Parliament (they belong to the same circus anyway) to vote all together our pillaging, mortgaging our  future and the future of our children.
source: indymedia athens
photo source: babylonmedia
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