October 19 updates from the first day of the nationwide General Strike in Greece

Thessaloniki: following the demonstration in Saloniki, repression went out of control; apart from the brutal attacks all around Labour Centre, cops raided the building; so far, three detentions and one woman hospitalised; fire set to bins and rubbish, lots of stones thrown and lots of tear gases; the three persons are now released. Patras: three major demonstrations took place today in the city; perhaps the most massive demo in recent years involving approximately 20.000 people; for several hours the center of the city was paralyzed as it was literally occupied by the protesters, while the shops remained mostly closed. Orestiada: the biggest and largest, probably the only, strike demonstration ever happened. Corfu island: the biggest and largest, probably the only, strike demonstration ever happened; about 3.000 people on the streets.  Igoumenitsa: incredible success today’s demonstration. Sparta: An unprecedented participation of over 600 people in a nationwide strike against anti-people and anti-labour measures. Mutilini/Lesvos island: about 1.000 people, workers, students, anarchists, also random people demonstrated this morning; they occupied the old municipality; followed a general assembly. Kozani: one of the largest marches have taken place in generally and certainly a long-lasting two days strike ever;  texts have been disturbed and comrades drop few banners. Agrinio: all the shops and store were closed; a massive demo of about 3.000 people. Trikala: more than 400 people; the anarchist block (more than 30 people) shouting slogans against government, state, capital, bankers, capitalists and cops. Heraklio, Creta: One of the largest demonstrations in recent years in Heraklion; over 10.000 people. Women’s’ Prison of Korudallos: prisoners in the women’s prison of Korudallos refuse to enter their cells during the midday and evening hours. Levadia: great demonstration, more than 2.000 people, passed and closed stores of major chains; unprecedented in size and very strong pulse and a militant mood. Chios island: occupation of Business Administration, Engineering Economics and Management Schools; about 5.000 people in demo. Ioannina: more than 10.000 people demonstrated; 5.000 – 6.000 from Labour Centre. Preveza: more than 2.000 people demonstrated, no incidents. Skopelos island: big meeting of protestants in the coastal side. Ptolemaida: about 1.000 people gathered. Nafplio: The greatest demo in town for decades. Kalamata: more people than ever in demo today. Larissa: thousands of people demonstrated; around 12.000 on the streets. Xanthi: massive demonstration took place today. Serres: massive participation on strike; about 1.300 people demonstrated; at some point when a shopkeeper was asked to close his fast-food store, he started verbally to attack the protesters and then he throw vitriol (!) to people; few young people were burnt; finally the cops arrested him. Sitia, Creta: with great success took place the massive demonstration; 300 protesters (proportionally, large number). Chania, Creta: biggest demo ever; about 5.000 people on the streets. Komotini: the three main demonstrations gathered all together; about 300 people participated. Rethumno, Creta: perhaps the greatest demo ever occurred; more than 2.000 people. Naxos island: a rare day where the island experienced a commercial death, yet at the same time a struggling birth; 99% of shops and stores were closed; and the participation in the demo was really good. Volos: the three main demonstrations reached 12.000 people, a large number for the city. Lamia: a massive and dynamic demo took place to mark the 48h strike; anarchist/anti-authoritarian block participated with more than 30 people; slogans were written and colour paints were thrown at banks. Amfissa: since early in the morning employee’s participation in the strike was huge, even overwhelming; while schools, shops and banks were closed. Rodos island: maybe the greatest demo on the islands’ history; people exceeded 1.300; followed a general assembly with not so many people at the end, but with a combatant mood. Alexandroupoli: it was one of the largest demo ever in the city; about 2.000 people; most of the shops were closed except for some cafes and branches of large chains. Kavala: 5.000 people participated in the largest demo of the last decades.

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