this strike is just an excuse

text distributed by Residents’ Assembly VKP, in Athens, Greece



A child passed out at school from starvation while many others are excluded from education. A man committed suicide. Thousands suffer from depression. The racist attacks against immigrants and refugees are increasing whilst entire social groups are thrown by the wayside. New taxes and hikes are announced continuously. Each square now hosts its homeless; each house, its unemployed. Images are now in front of us in every step we take. The events are no longer taking place outside our door, but inside. And the next saviour is just around the corner to fill the “empty space” left by the previous one. Let’s not fear the emptiness. Let’s not wait for any saviour to give us the solution. The war has been declared. Now we must put ourselves disenchanted into battle. The time of wretchedness is near. Shall we wait or shall we rise? We broaden the paths of our struggle, by spreading it in our neighbourhoods. The solution lies in our hands and in our neighbour’s hands. We have the power. We have time! To take our lives, struggles and strikes in our hands. Insurrection now!

Residents’ assembly VKP

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