posters from all over Greece calling on General Strike on 19-20/10

Solidarity is our weapon – Self-organisation is not an utopia

Assembly of East Attica

source here

Labour Centre of Ioannina

For the new measures, Throw some stones

Anarchists from South

source here

No more blackmailing

Let’s light up the future with the flames of wrath

Anarchists Clustering

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..till the river will swell and they drown

Anarchists in Laurio

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The strike is just an excuse

Against to those who steal our lives

Residents’ assembly VKP

source here

We strike – We occupy – We protest

Popular Assembly in Pallini

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48h Sciopero Generale in Grecia – 48h Grève générale en Grèce – 48h General Strike in Greece

Tomorrow 19/10/2011 will start the 48h General Strike in Greece, where almost every sector, public and private will go on strike

public transports sector, deck workers, air traffic controllers, customs, doctors, dentists, employees of Ministry of Finance, tax officials, controllers, lawyers, judicial officials, reporters, journalists, lecturers, professors and teachers, taxi drivers, employees in public hospitals, prison workers, commercial shops and stores all over the  country will be closed as well as banks, post offices and gas stations.

Solidarity is our weapon – We shall take our lives back

We shall overcome and the tables will turn

Yesterday I died as one, but as millions I return

check for updates in English here and here; here in German

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what is the crime of robbing a bank compared with the crime of founding one? Bertolt Brecht

Banks: financial institutions at the base of the world economic system. It is they that allow the economy to run, in ‘good’ as well as in ‘bad’ times. Does this mean that they are useful to us? Because they are certainly useful, if not indispensable, to those in the high ranks of power, the corporations, the tycoons, arms traders, politicians engaged in electoral campaigns, and so on.

But are they also useful to us, to all those who do not belong to the above mentioned categories? They are not! It is exactly ordinary people who work, buy commodities and borrow money that make it possible for banks to run their dirty business and increase the amount of finance to be dispensed to big companies, which in turn benefit the billionaires and the corporations. It is through bank accounts, debit and credit cards, loans etc that banks operate, financing all sorts of activities that are devastating to life on this planet. They render possible exploitation on a global level, always ready to invest in the lowest labour costs resulting in millions of people toiling like slaves to fill the high street shops and supermarkets with gadgets, sweatshop produced fashion garments and food exported under the eyes of starving deliberately indebted populations. They finance predatory projects of eco-devastation in all the corners of the earth, provide arms producers with the means necessary to fabricate deadly weapons (and blackmail impoverished countries into buying them), sustain the looting of natural resources, the list could go on for ever.

In a system based on economic forces and the eternal need to extract profit at whatever cost to life be it individuals or entire nations, the banks and the stock exchange are major players in provoking famine, desertification, social deprivation, individual suicide and generalised misery. These are simple truths that can easily be seen by everybody, you do not need to be a radical or have subversive ideas in order to clearly see the role of banks in the misery of the majority of people.

The current ‘economic crisis’, which is manifesting itself with increased prices of essential goods and cuts to all social services, is once again weighing on the poorest in society. It is the poorest who are being called upon to make sacrifices and endure deliberately planned poverty and social isolation to pay for this crisis, which is mainly the result of irresponsible financial transactions (if any ‘responsible’ financial transaction ever existed) operated on a global scale and whose main protagonists are the banks the world over, all of which interact, lending and borrowing their spoils between them and when they fuck up, calling on their henchmen, the State, to extort money from the population to bail them out. There is no such thing as a ‘good’ bank or an ‘ethical bank’. The very existence of a bank is unethical, immoral and anti-life. Over and above that, banks continue to pay out bonuses of hundreds of thousands of pounds to their directors and staff, even if we hear politicians talking of ‘regulation’ of the financial system. There is no such regulation because banks are there to maintain their role as robbers of poor people’s money. Just to make the economy function.

All this considered, to rob a bank is an ethically acceptable and responsible act. Who robs a bank is just taking back (at great risk to his own safety) what has been stolen from him or her. In this respect, if we were all to become bank robbers we would just be taking some of our life back. Social cuts will not take us out of the crisis. If we want to survive the ‘crisis’ and avoid a life of misery and submission we must destroy the banks, refusing to pay when we are asked to.

Most of the population of the planet have been paying for centuries for a world they do not want. The hour has come to destroy the monster that has been generated from what has been stolen from everyone by the thieving mafia known as banks and fight for a life no longer wasted producing and consuming fictitious ‘needs’. A world without bossses or slaves, prisons or banks (which are interdependent) in which dull work and exploitation give way to creativity and play. Time is running out. Nothing will grow from the toxic ashes of this death-orientated society. The new world already exists in embryon, in the elsewhere of indivual or collective acts of life -inspiring devilry.



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…the story about Simos Seisidis

On the 16th of January 2006, following a robbery of the National Bank of Greece in Solonos street, in Athens, anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis was arrested; under a terror-hysteria climate formed by the media, three of his comrades were picked out and targeted by the persecuting authorities as accomplices of Yannis, but also as members of the imaginary gang of ‘’Robbers in Black’’. They were accused for this very robbery in addition to six other robberies. Not expecting to find any trace of justice within the delirium of terror-lust by the state of media, comrades Simos Seisidis, Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis, chose the difficult path of clandestinity.

What followed over the next four years did nothing more than confirm that they had made the right choice. Meanwhile, Yannis put on trial and initially convicted to the corrosive sentence of 35 years, despite the collapse of the ‘’Robbers in Black’’ scenario and his acquittal for the rest of the robberies. The media carried out an orgy of misinformation targeting the three fugitives; ‘’photographing’’ them as suspects concerning many severe criminal acts that were taking place occasionally. Arrest warrants were issued in order to put the responsibility on the three comrades for some other unsolved cases; trials that were parodies of justice were carried out unbeknown to them. And as if all this was not enough, a bounty of 600.000euro was put on their heads by the infamous minister of public order M. Chrisohoidis, who eventually succeeded in transforming the streets of Athens into the Wild West; full of heavily armed sheriffs shooting anything that moves…

Unfortunately, on the 3rd of May 2010, Simos fell upon a blockade of such wild sheriffs. In his attempt to run away, he was shot in the back by policeman P. Bokos and even though he was bleeding profusely, he was being beaten relentlessly. We cannot know if cops’ behaviour was because that’s how they act whenever someone runs away or because they recognised Simos from the hundreds of photos hanging on the walls of police stations all over the country. In the first case, they are sick criminals, dangerous for public safety… in the second case they are hit-men that were sent to kill deliberately, following very specific orders from above.

Under the most dreadful conditions imaginable, two months of hospitalization followed; the anti-terrorist forces invaded his room and imposed their presence at both KAT and Evagellismos hospitals. Sadly, the doctors and nursing stuff in the majority of cases followed their orders blindly. As a result of all this, Simos’ right leg was amputated.

On the 30th of March 2011 Simos’ trial for the robbery in Solonos street began, with the only probative evidence the testimonies by two, manipulated by the state, witnesses. On the 5th of May 2011 anarchist Simos was declared innocent by all the judges, but despite the acquitting decision related to all the robberies, Simos was taken back to jail with the twisted accusation of attempted murder of the cop that shot him from behind.



anarchists in london

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poster for Simos Seisidis

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London Benefit Event in solidarity to the arrested comrades of Resalto


London Benefit
Event in solidarity to the arrested comrades of Resalto


The antiauthoritarian centre Resalto in Athens was raided by the police on the evening of December the 5th, as part of the ‘preventive’ strategy of the Greek state to repress any form of social and political action, a year after the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos by the Greek police. In response, the Town Hall of Keratsini was occupied by comrades, and was later raided as well.

22 comrades where arrested during the brutal break-in of the Resalto centre and where charged under the anti-terrorist law and another 42 afterwards in the Town Hall. The court imposed very strict bail conditions, the first ever so strict in recent Greek
history, which included very high amounts of bail-money. Only for the 22 of Resalto the bail money amounts to 51.000 euros.

For the financial support of the 22 arrestees of Resalto and for the prompt payment of the bail-money, a solidarity event is organized by the comrades in London. It is very important that we all contribute in gathering this unusually high total amount.

Come and show your support!

is our weapon

revolt cannot be suppressed
cannot be



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Greece: urgent financial support to arrested comrades of Resalto (ελληνικα, english, français, español, srpsko-hrvatski)

Οικονομική ενίσχυση
για τις εγγυήσεις των συλληφθέντων του Ρεσάλτo

Ύστερα από την αστυνομική
έφοδο το απόγευμα του Σαββάτου 5 Δεκέμβρη στον χώρο του Ρεσάλτο, οι 22 σύντροφοι και συντρόφισσες αφέθηκαν ελεύθεροι από τα
δικαστήρια του Πειραιά τα ξημερώματα της Τρίτης 8 Δεκέμβρη. Για την μη
προφυλάκισή τους αλλά και για να αφεθούν ελεύθεροι έως την εκδίκαση της
υπόθεσης, τους επιβλήθηκαν περιοριστικοί όροι καθώς και υψηλές
χρηματικές εγγυήσεις
. Το συνολικό χρηματικό ποσό των εγγυήσεων ανέρχεται
στα 51.000. Πιο συγκεκριμένα: σε έναν από τους συλληφθέντες η
εγγύηση είναι €15.000, σε τρεις από €5.000 ο καθένας-καθεμία και σε άλλους-ες
εφτά η εγγύηση είναι από €3.000. Το σύνολο των χρηματικών εγγυήσεων πρέπει να
κατατεθεί έως την Πέμπτη 17 Δεκέμβρη αλλά για να αποφευχθούν τυχόν
γραφειοκρατικές εμπλοκές τα χρήματα της οικονομικής ενίσχυσης είναι σκόπιμο να
συγκεντρωθούν έως την Τρίτη 15 Δεκέμβρη. Για την οικονομική ενίσχυση
των 22 συλληφθέντων του Ρεσάλτο, λοιπόν, αλλά και για την έγκαιρη αποπληρωμή
των χρηματικών τους εγγυήσεων, συγκροτήθηκε ταμείο αλληλεγγύης. Η
συνδρομή όλων μας σε αυτό κρίνεται απαραίτητη έτσι ώστε τις επόμενες ημέρες να
μαζευτεί το συνολικό ποσό των υψηλών χρηματικών εγγυήσεων. Για τον λόγο αυτό
αλλά και για την αμεσότερη και βέβαιη συγκέντρωση των χρημάτων επικοινωνήστε
με το κινητό τηλέφωνο +306973657960 ή με την ηλεκτρονική
διεύθυνση Η δημοσιευση τραπεζικων λογαριασμων για την
καταθεση οικονομικης ενισχυσης ειναι παρανομη συμφωνα με το ελληνικο συνταγμα (λογω

την Αγγλία μπορείτε να
χρησιμοποιήσετε και αυτόν τον τρόπο:

την Ισπανία υπάρχει κάτι αντίστοιχο:

βρεθεί τρόπος με τον οποίο οι σύντροφοι που έχουν στήσει αυτά τα blog να στειλουν
άμεσα και με κανένα κόστος όλα τα χρήματα που θα μαζέψουv.

Η αλληλεγγύη είναι το όπλο


Financial support for the
bail of the detainees Resaltο

Following the police
assault and brutal break-in at the anarchist antiauthoritarian centre Resalto, in
Greece, during the
afternoon of
the 5th of December
, the 22 arrested comrades were released by the Piraeus Court at the dawn of the 8th 
of December 2009
. For their release, both for prison and from
custody until their trial, the Court imposed limitative clauses on them, and furthermore, bail-money was set at a very
high amount
. The total amount of bail-money sums up to €51.000. More specifically, for one of
those arrested bail was set at €15.000, for three of them at €5.000 per person
and for the remaining seven, bail starts at €3.000. The total financial amount
of bail-money must be deposited by Thursday
17th of December
, but it is advisable, for the purpose of
avoiding bureaucratic deadlocks, that this money is raised until Tuesday 15th of December 2009.
So, for the financial support of the
22 arrested of Resalto, but also for the prompt payment of bail, a solidarity fund has been established.
It is necessary for all of us to assist in gathering this, unusually high,
total amount of bail-money. For this purpose, in order for this amount of money
to be securely raised you are all greatly encouraged, and kindly asked to establish
direct contact at the following
telephone number: +306973657960 or establish
contact via e-mai, at the address in order to obtain
the bank account number where this money may be deposited. Publicly advertising
a bank account for fund-raising is illegal under Greek law (for tax purposes)

you are in the UK you can donate

you are in Spain, here:

money raised by these two blogs will be sent safely, immediately and with no
cost at all to our comrades in Greece.

is our weapon.


financier pour les détenus de Resalto

Suite à l’assaut de la police et l attaque brutale au centre social Resalto, en Grèce, les 22 camarades qui
ont étés arrêtés le 5 Décembre, ils ont été relâchés par le tribunal de Pirée le
8 Décembre à l’aube. Pourtant, le tribunal impose des conditions de liberté stricte pour chacun des interpellés, autant
que des cautions considérables ; qui
arrivent à la somme totale de €51.000.
En détails : la caution s’élève à €15.000 pour une personne,  à €5.000
pour trois autres, et à  €3.000 pour sept
La somme totale des cautions doit être déposée avant Jeudi, le 17 Décembre, mais il est préférable, afin d’éviter les
impasses bureaucratiques, que l’argent soit déposé avant Mardi, le 15 Décembre 2009.
C’est pour ça qu’une caisse de
a été mise en place, pour le soutien financier des 22 interpellés de Resalto, mais aussi pour
pouvoir payer rapidement les cautions. Il est essentiel que chacun contribue à
la collecte de cette caution exceptionnellement faîte. Pour que cette somme
soit collectée en toute sécurité vous êtes invités à établir un contact direct au numéro suivant :
+306973657960 ou bien envoyer un
email à l’adresse électronique:  afin d’obtenir le numéro de compte bancaire où
l’argent peut être déposé. En
effet, selon le droit grec, publier manifestement un numéro de compte bancaire

de collecte
de fonds
c’est illégal (pour des raisons de taxes)

vous êtes au Royaume-Uni, vous
pouvez faire un don ici:

vous êtes en Espagne, ici:

récolté par ces deux blogs seront envoyées en toute sécurité, immédiatement et
sans frais à nos camarades en Grèce

La solidarité est notre arme.


Ayuda económica para las
fianzas de los detenidos de Resaltο

Después del asalto de la policía la tarde del sábado 5 de diciembre en el
espacio de Resalto, los 22
compañeros y compañeras se dejaron libres de los juzgados de Pireo la madrugada
del martes 8 de diciembre. Para que no se encarcelen y para que se queden en
libertad hasta el juicio del asunto, se les impusieron medidas cautelares y
además altas fianzas. El importe total de las fianzas alcanza los 51.000. Más concretamente: para uno de
los detenidos la fianza son 15.000 euros, para tres 5.000 y para
otros-as son 3.000. El importe de las fianzas debe entregarse hasta el jueves 17 de diciembre pero para que se
eviten implicaciones burocráticas, el dinero de la ayuda económica es mejor que
se recoja hasta el martes 15 de
para que se entregue el 16/12. Pues para el pago de las fianzas
de los 22 detenidos del Resalto se creó una caja de solidaridad. La ayuda de todos en esa se considera indispensable
para que en los próximos días se junte el importe total de las altas fianzas. De
este motivo y para la recolección
y segura del dinero, poneos en contacto con el móvil +306973657960 o con la dirección
electrónica Empresa de
publicidad de una cuenta bancaria para la recaudación de fondos es ilegal según
la legislación griega (a efectos fiscales)

usted está en el Reino Unido usted
puede donar aquí:

usted está en España, aquí:

dinero recaudado por estos dos blogs será enviada de forma segura, inmediata y
sin costo alguno a nuestros compañeros en Grecia.

La solidaridad es nuestra arma.


potpora za jamčevinu od zatočenika Resaltο

Resalto je anarhističko mesto
u Zapadnoj Atini u koje je policija upala navece 5-og decembra (Više
informacija o ovom slučaju je ovde). Dvadeset dva druga koji su bili uhapšeni
tokom brutalnog napada su pušteni na slobodu od strane Piraeus Suda rano ujutro
u utorak, 8-og decembra. Međutim, sud je nametnuo strogu kauciju na sve njih
koja sadrži veliku sumu novca: Kompletan iznos kaucije je 51.000 evra. Specifičnije, kaucija za jednog od uhapšenih je 15.000
evra, za drugih troje je po 5.000 evra po osobi i za ostalih sedam je 3.000
evra. Kompletna kaucija mora biti isplaćena do četvrtka, 17-og decembra ali se predlaže, radi potencijalnih birokratskih
zastoja, da se pare isplate do utorka, 15-og
. Za ovaj slučaj, mi smo otvorili fond solidarnosti – za
financijsku podršku 22 uhapšenih u Resaltu, ali takođe za brzu isplatu njihove
kaucije. Vrlo je važno da svi doprinemo prema skupljanju ove neverovatno velike
sume novca. Da bi svi doprinosi došli u sigurne ruke, molimo vas da uspostavite
direktan kontakt sa narednim
telefonskim brojem: +306973657960
ili putem e-maila na  da bi dobili broj tekućeg računa gde se ove
pare mogu uplatiti. Javno reklamiranje tekućeg računa za prikupljanje fondova
je ilegalno pod grčkim zakonom (radi poreza).

Ako ste u Velikoj
možete donirati ovdje:

Ako ste u Španjolskoj,

Sredstava koja se prikupljaju od ove dvije
blogove bit će poslan sigurno, odmah i bez troškova na svim našim drugovima u

je naše oružje.



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Comrades and friends,

One year after the social rebellion last December, the government, political parties, experts of the economy, journalists and publicists of all kinds try to lead the ‘ship’ to leeward ports. Constantly they are aware of the complications. They talk about the ‘multifaceted crisis that currently characterizes the greek society at a time of great ideological confusion’ and also about the existence of ‘ideological leadership emptiness’. Yet, they just seem impuissant to ensure social control.

They admit that the tempest not only seems to persist, but furthermore the signs continue to be alarming enough. The risk of re-occurring social conflict certainly refers neither to any ‘non grata’ damage nor to the paralysis of commercial activity.

Their nightmare, a long time ago now, focuses on who else will go out on the streets, angry and ready to oppose those considered responsible for the state of despair by which they have been already driven. In other words, they focus on the people who will stand by the side of those tagged as ‘traditional’ disturbers, as has already happened last December, what will be their way to resist and most importantly what will stop those people. And here is the essential of the threat to the power, the range of which can not be calculated, and certainly neither its consequences.

We will say it again. What has been dissolved in December, were the pillars of power, which is why the wounds are still wide open. This does not mean that the executives of state affairs did not go into corrective actions. It does not mean that they are not looking for time credit. But it seems they do not have any. This is the clear up also by their european associates. And of course the question is not starting or ending on the economy or on a possible bankruptcy.

Under these circumstances, we should feel the euphoria. The enthusiasm for the recent outbreak of the uprising should cover any doubt. Although, at least, as far as we are concerned, things are not like this. That is why we passionately insist to look exhaustively for extensive discussion about everything related to Anarchist ideas and practices. Do not rely on any ‘small’ or ‘bigger’ achievement crowned with bays. We should focus on everything ‘wrong’. Do not close your eyes in order to become agreeable.

We should remember now and then so many Anarchists which in the past, each time, indicated that when the numerical increase gains religious significance, the penetration of authoritarian ideas and practices should be taken for given. So many comrades wrote down with gloomy colours the effects of lacking morals, the absence of critical attitude, the extended confusion, even on some essential Anarchist views and considerations, which ultimately lead to the most blatant distortions.

Among these comrades, there is Max Nettlau who wrote characteristically in October 1932 in the History of Anarchism: ‘The upcoming freedom is not a product of a war of conquest. It does not belong to the army that ensures the victory, even if the unions are winning, or to their great leaders. We do not know those take-overs. Only the ones of Napoleon, Lenin or Mussolini. The trade unionism of those who think differently and unlike the Anarchist idea, it is a trade unionism that seeks to militarism, to economic fascism, to conquests and to axioms. The true revolutionary struggle is tearing down the barriers, it cleans the soil, and when possible, it seeks the establishment of the new scheme, which most likely is at risk to be limited, with delays, lots of obstacles and setbacks, when we try to integrate it into the old context, even if is in relation to the unions. Let’s forget the present. This is the way to the future’.

have a nice December


editorial team



translated from Greek

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 in greek here – translation from here

Since the ministries say nothing, we will.

Since the media connect nothing, we will.

The military-type raid of the Anarchist Space “Resalto” in Keratsini.

A space of intervention and counter-information which, as all spaces
of struggle, never covered its animosity to those repressing and its
solidarity to the repressed, openly and publicly.

…something annoying for the minister.

The arrest, on the same night, of all who gathered in support of the
comrades in a nearby square and following, in the town hall of Nikaia,
as well as those who gathered at the point of assassination of Alexis
Grigoropoulos a year later.

…something annoying for the minister.

Of the police-occupied Athens, the 13,000 cops, the body controls,
the blockage of the Polytechnic, their anxiety to repress the
demonstration of December 6th.

…but the minister will be annoyed much further.

The plan of terrorisation that he has put into practice is bound to fail.

The colleagues of the murderer cops who swarmed Athens today caused no fear, they caused rage.

The arrests of the comrades and the heavy charges against them cause no awkwardness, they bring solidarity.

The attacks on spaces, occupations and places of struggle will bring no isolation, but even higher doggedness and crouch.