Thirteen people have been arrested at anarchist space in Athens; open assembly at the Polytechnic, 7pm tonight


19.18 Cops just stormed Exarcheia square, detaining about 20 people, without anything having happened before. There are also riot cops ready to kick off on the corner of Messologiou and Metaxa Street, literally a few meters away from the point of Alexis’ assassination. Polytechnic assembly is starting soon.

Riot police have stormed the anarchist space Resalto in Western Athens. They smashed the building’s glass facade and arrested thirteen people, driving them all to the Police Headquarters in Alexandras Avenue.

For all the internationals who have made their way to Athens:

1) Welcome!

2) Never, ever wander around the city without ID. If they stop you,
police can, and will, detain you and drive you to their HQ to confirm
your identity.

3) If things go wrong: The legal defense group can be reached on
these numbers: 6972-718536 

4) An open assembly is starting at the Polytechnic at 7pm tonight.
Come there to get more information about what will be happening in the
next few days.

Some of our international friends who are already in Athens have put together the following list of “do’s and dont’s”:

do not:
have any patches on clothing or bags (political or band)
carry any form of political agit prop, including stickers on wallets or antifascist donor cards
don’t keep clothes in zip lock bags till you have to
go of the beaten track in any area that is regarded as “political” unless you mean to and know exactly where you’re going.
chat in english about your favourite riot porn or the latest post on occupied london

DRESS LIKE A TOURIST: anarcho-chic is not going to make you any friends
have your passport on you if you’re just out for a walk in town, you can get in to more trouble without it.

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