Greece: announcement by the occupied Theatre school in Thessaloniki

The only way to learn if we can swim is to jump in the water…

If we could keep something from last December this is the end of
silence. The social explosion was not alone on the streets of Greece,
but it came out together with the need for dialogue. The fact, which we
are told for years now that “democracy” has no dead ends, was proven
brutally to be a cheap lie of the authority. The dead ends are a lot.
They materialize in the tenths of our day-to-day problems, in our
society’s sickness.

So what can we do as a society? Shall we continue to put trust on the them and their lies?

There is a way out of this system which destroys our life, a system
whose only function is to reproduce and to manage the corruption that
is originally created by it. The way out can be found to each one
separately and to everyone together. As long as we can still listen to
the message coming out from the insurrection of December 2008.

Which message?

The only way that we can initiate the liberation from the dark
reality is to begin deciding by ourselves the matters that concern
ourselves. We must realise that the logic “vote every four years and I
will do the best for you”, is the logic which reproduces this rotten

We all have a portion of responsibility for our lives and for the societies we live in.

As long as we recognise these responsibilities and take the steps
leading to the final cut of the umbilical cord that ties us with the
authority, we can begin changing the scenery around us with steady
moves… with our goal being, at the right moment, to get rid of the
destructive institutions like the parliamentary-representative
democracy and to create new ones which will be based on the equal
participation of everyone.

These paths were opened since the last December. And these are the
paths which we are obligated to continue walking on without fear. In
each space, in each neighbour, in the schools and in the universities,
in the working spaces, in our stance for the immigrants, in our view
about environment… in everything that concern our life.

We prefer to decide for our lives ourselves, even if we make mistakes.

Then these mistakes will be ours too. We will learn, we will move forward, we will really stand on our feet as a society…



on Sunday 6th of DECEMBER 2009
12.30 at Kamara (Thessaloniki)
frome here
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