Update from Greece :Tonight, Democracy took 162 prisoners. Tomorrow is our day: Demonstrations in twenty cities across the country

One-hundred and sixty-two people tried the sweet taste of democracy
today, having being arrested, detained, dragged to police stations,
humiliated, charged. The message is becoming crystal-clear: democracy
takes no chances, it only takes prisoners. Democracy smashes into the
spaces that annoy it to the slightest; it only democracy to invert
history: the assassins become the victims, the victims become the

But tomorrow is our day. Demonstrations have been called for in
cities across the country (Mytilene, Heraklion, Larisa, Sparta,
Agrinio, Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Corfu, Xanthi, Samos, Athens, Rhodes,
Lamia, Serres, Volos, Giannena, Patras, Arta, Corinth, Kardisa).

In Athens, the main demonstration has been called for at 13.30 pm at Propylea. Live reports will be posted here.


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